Another Girls Rock Camp discovery

There was that whole discovery regarding Ash Reiter that I posted about back in July. And now, I’d like to add another musical addition to the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp vault.

Miss Oona Garthwaite gave keyboard lessons to a whole bunch of young rocker girls during BAGRC back in July, and as it turns out, she sings and plays music like a madwoman. And by madwoman, I mean wailing at top of her lungs, going apeshit on her keys, and generally making whirlywind electro-pop music with plenty of heart and soul. To boot, she’s a super sweet person and worked wonders with the girls at Rock Camp. She’ll be playing at Cafe du Nord on September 18th and the Red Devil Lounge on October 23rd.

I’m realizing more and more how I was surrounded by really amazing, creative, hard-working ladies during my time at BAGRC. It’s simultaneously humbling and deeply inspiring.


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