Ash Reiter – it’s quite the small world

I noticed during one of the trainings for BAGRC that one of my fellow volunteers looked awfully familiar. And I was right – as it turns out, we’re both from Sebastopol and both attended the local high school (Analy High School, actually pronounced “ann-a-lee.” Yeah it looks like anal-y, blah blah blah – ooh look, it’s on Wikipedia!). We also both went to UC Santa Cruz, although we never ran into each other, and now we both live in Oakland. Small world. She did instrument instruction for the week and I worked as a band manager, and the whole week was amazing, etc. etc.

Then I return to the real world this week, do work stuff, peruse the internets, whathaveyou. And I’m searching for new bands for the Deli SF’s new Artist of the Month poll, and I see Ash Reiter in our band listings . . . wait, what? The same Ash Reiter with whom I went to high school, with whom I was just spent a week chasing around guitar-slinging 8-year-olds? Wait, she was featured last month on And wait, woah, her music is really really GOOD!

Her folksy tunes are absolutely beautiful, sweet, and wise. Her voice has a Feist-meets-Mirah-meets-Cat Power vibe: lightly angelic & warm, with enough whiskey-soaked edges to create a sense of depth and mystery. I can’t wait to hear more. In the meantime, I’ll be listening to her Daytrotter and MySpace tracks – maybe you ought to do the same.


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