Band (lady) to watch: Rykarda Parasol

As originally published here on the Deli SF

Rykarda Parasol – \”Hannah Leah\”
While her name might make you think of an umbrella, her music will inspire slightly more complex imagery. Rykarda Parasol plays what sounds like gothic jazz – dark and smooth, with a touch of whimsical Americana and chamber pop. Her voice draws an easy comparison to Nico in the days of the Velvet Underground or PJ Harvey circa anytime, but with a lighter edge and range of sound. In a way, Rycarda Parasol blends Tom Waits’ noir tendencies with Nick Cave’s stinging rock, but maintains uniqueness with the fact that she’s, you know, female.

Having recently returned from a successful European tour, Rykarda is set to headline two upcoming Bay Area shows with her band, the Tower Ravens:

– Saturday, July 12th at the Uptown (with Candy Apple and Swan Danger)
– Friday, August 29th at Cafe du Nord (with Veil Veil Vanish and Madelia)

Find out more about her CD, Out Hearts First Meet, as well as general info by clicking here, and listen to more tunes by visiting her MySpace.


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