Shannon Wright – oh so lovely

I downloaded Shannon Wright’s Let in the Light back in 2007 not long after it came out, and then only listened in passing. Re-visiting the songs as of late, however, I’ve discovered the lovely and haunting elements of her music. Her voice is hushed and light, but she creates an overall intricate sound by adding in-depth instrumentation – sprawling piano, jazzy percussion, and catchy guitar. Her music seems like a subtle take on cabaret/baroque pop, wherein simple melody becomes more complex with flurried yet graceful songwriting.

Shannon Wright – \”Hinterland\”

This song (more theatrical than the tunes on Let in the Light, but just as lovely) is actually from 2001’s Dyed in the Wool, as her website is (unfortunately) a bit out of date. Her MySpace appears to be the most updated source of information.


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