Reading is for winners

[Edit 2011: Stopped updating over time, sorry]

I’ve always been a big fan of reading as a hobby – in my pre-high school years, in particular, I remember being a very avid reader. However, once school started requiring more academic reading and I became more involved in after-school activities, my casual reading habits fell by the wayside. Even after graduating from college, I still didn’t read as much as you’d think; I just couldn’t seem to focus and/or make the time to re-instate reading as a regular hobby.

After moving to San Francisco and spending an hour a day on BART commuting to and from Berkeley, however, I’ve fully re-embraced the reading bug. I now find time even when I’m not on BART to tear through some really great books.

After a suggestion from a friend, I’ve decided to compile the following list of books read thus far in 2009, which I’ll update as I go along. I have several books on my shelf to tackle next, although I’d like to make a goal of incorporating more non-fiction into the mix, as well as more female authors.

Books read in 2009 (not necessarily in chronological order) –

Currently reading –

The Handmaid’s Tale,’ by Margaret Atwood (re-reading – the last time I read it was in high school, and I loved it)

I’d recommend any of the books listed above, although ‘The Road’ has definitely been my favorite thus far.

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