My favorite Deli posts

I spent 13 months as Associate Editor of the Deli Magazine in San Francisco. The Deli SF is a city subsidiary of the flagship Deli site: the Deli NYC. This was not a paid/full-time position (although I made a little money on ad revenue once and awhile), but rather a heavy-handed and very fulfilling hobby.

I’ve since moved on to blogging over at Stranger Dance, simply because it felt time for a change, to tackle new ideas and work with some new people. But I still look back fondly at my time with the Deli. I learned a ridiculous amount in such a short time – about the local scene, about managing writers, about working with PR and other industry contacts, etc. (not to mention the improvement in my writing, editing, HTML and other technical skills). I also met and discovered a number of amazing bands as well as other local music bloggers, and a whole new world was opened up to me.

On that note, I decided to go through my past posts on the Deli SF and pick out my favorites. I published a ton of stuff while at the Deli, but many posts were quick write-ups of upcoming events/developments/etc. The ones below are more comprehensive examples.

San Francisco at SxSW 2009:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Noise Pop 2009:

Free Noise Pop Events + local bands
Built for the Sea/Crime in Choir/From Monument to Masses
Papercuts/the Mountain Goats (solo)
Local bands at Noise Pop 2009
City Light/Devon Williams/Dent May/A.C. Newman

Band/artist features:

60 Watt Kid
Rykarda Parasol
Geographer (CD review)
The Heavenly States
Grand Lake
Window Twins

“The Deli SF presents”:

The Toy Soldiers, the Attachments, Music for Animals, the Buttercream Gang
Blue Rabbit, Chelsea Wolfe, Tippy Canoe
The Definite Articles, Foxtail Somersault, Stripmall Architecture

Random and sundry:

Volunteer for Bay Area Girls Rock Camp 2008
Treasure Island Festival 2008
My Fav Oakland Bands
Future Perfect Radio
Wiretap Music Presents: Covers


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