Goodbye 2009

I feel like I’ve been bombarded with the usual onslaught of “Best of 2009” and “Goodbye 2009” lists over the past month. Not that I mind; I just don’t normally feel the need to make similar lists and blog entries (aside from the standard “Best Albums” of that particular year).

However, I feel differently for 2009. This year deserves a particular kind of tribute, of recognition, of retrospect, and of appreciation.

I lost both of my grandmothers in 2009. Babcia (Gazdowicz) passed in January, Grandma passed six months later in early July (Higgins). It was simply time for both of them, and they each died peacefully, with family at their sides. They were responsible for raising some of the most warm, loving, and generous people – people I am proud to call family each and every day. I find it extremely inspiring and humbling to come from women who worked hard their entire lives with integrity and grace, full of love for their family and friends. Through death, I was reminded in 2009 that family is extraordinary, family is the focal point of life – no matter where you find it. Rest in peace to my beloved grandmothers.

But also in 2009, amongst societal and economic stress and turmoil, I found happiness in so many places: a new home with wonderful people, inspirational hobbies, fulfilling employment, in friends both new and old, and in love. There was constant reminder of being alive, of appreciating and understanding surroundings, and therein finding a new lust for life.

Here’s to 2010, whatever it may bring.


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