“Rustic” rhubarb tarts

Rustic rhubarb tarts

I assume “rustic” refers to the fact that these tarts are a little more casual and undefined when compared to the average tart? Rough edges, in place of the perfectly stenciled? Either way, YUM.

I’ve never done anything with rhubarb before (aside from occasionally eating it), and my coworker made these tarts from Smitten Kitchen awhile back and brought them in to the office. Since then, once the craving hit and refused to go away, I decided to give in to the rhubarb.

This recipe turned out to be easier than I thought, and also pretty fun, all things considered. Rolling out the dough, filling with compote and then pinching up the edges in a devil-may-care way was surprisingly satisfying.

I shared these at a couple of get-togethers over the weekend, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Yay!

Logistically speaking: I found the compote took just a few extra minutes to finish than the recipe indicated, and I had to manually break apart some of the rhubarb pieces during the process. I used a food processor for the dough (more specifically, my roommate’s food processor). I only froze the tarts for about 30 minutes instead of the full hour before baking. I also used “Madagascar Bourbon” vanilla beans – since that was the only option I found at Rainbow Grocery – and I accidentally used a whole bean instead of the dictated 1/2 bean. The result was still amazing; a little extra vanilla bean never hurt anyone, right? Aside from your wallet, of course – them skinny pods are spendy.

Oh crappy iPhone photos, you really don’t give these tarts their due justice.

Rustic rhubarb tarts

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