Stuffed crust pizza

Stuffed crust pizza

House-sitting at the folks’ place again meant tackling a long complicated recipe that required lots of time, counter space, a stand mixer and a good oven. Hence: Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza on Local Lemons (the recipes on LL site all look amazing, plus they revolve around locally acquired + seasonal ingredients).

Our modifications:

  • We didn’t have two 8-inch cast-iron skillets, but we did have one big pizza pan, so we just made one big pizza instead of two smaller ones.
  • We didn’t make our own mozzarella cheese. That looked fun, but I didn’t really feel like tracking down vegetable rennet. Maybe some other time.
  • We added sausage as well as pepperoni.
  • We were too stingy with the cheese in the “stuffed” part of the crust. Still really tasty, but we’ll be more generous if we make this again.

Otherwise, the recipe was actually pretty easy – it just takes awhile, between letting the dough rise twice and boiling and peeling the tomatoes and all that. But it was worth it, and it’s a fun project for an afternoon devoid of plans.


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