Whole wheat pizza with mushrooms and spinach

Whole wheat pizza

I wanted to do two things for dinner yesterday: utilize whole wheat flour and my brand new gorgeous KitchenAid stand mixer (thanks, Mom and Dad!). Solution: whole wheat pizza!

Pinch My Salt has a very appetizing whole wheat crust recipe with fresh rosemary, so I went with that one. She provides a “tangy tomato sauce” recipe that we followed as well.

We followed both recipes exactly, except we used my stand mixer to do the kneading (so easy!) and also used a regular pizza pan and cookie sheet for the pizzas (no pizza stone available).

For the toppings: I chopped up some crimini mushrooms (I just eyeballed it – maybe about a cup and a half) and fresh spinach (around one cup). We added a touch of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper to the mushrooms and let sit while we prepared the pizza dough and sauce. The toppings were enough for two of the four pizzas that the dough recipe will yield, and the sauce yielded just about enough for all four pies.

End result? Delicious.

Whole wheat pizza

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