Oatmeal pancakes with whipped cream

Oatmeal pancakes with whipped cream

I am obsessed with Good to the Grain. Since receiving a copy as a Christmas gift, I’ve made Kim Boyce’s whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and they were the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. And today, I made her oatmeal pancakes. And they were stupendous.

I shouldn’t include the recipe here since it’s from a cookbook and I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. I will point to this adapted version of the recipe, however, which stays very close to the original.

This recipe requires oat flour, which I didn’t have. However, it’s extremely easy to make at home (provided that you have access to a food processor). I swapped in maple syrup for the molasses (since that was all I had), and I halved the recipe since it was just two of us consuming the end product and I didn’t want leftovers. And speaking of leftovers – I had some heavy whipping cream left over from making cookies yesterday, and didn’t want that to go to waste, so I whipped up the rest to enjoy with the pancakes. Perfect!


2 thoughts on “Oatmeal pancakes with whipped cream

  1. It’s seriously one of my favorite cookbooks, ever. Just this morning, we made her buckwheat and pear pancakes with honey butter: out. of. this. world. You must try!!

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