30 before 30: Thin Mints

30 before 30: Thin Mints

Oh my.

30 before 30: Thin Mints

This may have been one of the most indulgent recipes I’ve ever made.

30 before 30: Thin Mints

I mean, homemade Thin Mints. Look at that chocolate!

30 before 30: Thin Mints

Making Thin Mints at home is clumsy, messy, a bit time-consuming, and, well, sticky. Is it worth it? YES.

30 before 30: Thin Mints

We spent an afternoon tempering chocolate and dipping cookies, and brought the cookies to a friend’s birthday party that evening. They were a huge hit. I brought them to a meeting the next day. They were a huge hit. Sensing a pattern here?

30 before 30: Thin Mints

A caveat: these cookies should be kept cool. When we brought the cookies to the aforementioned birthday party, the cookies became a bit messier to eat as the night went on, as the chocolate had a tendency to melt all over people’s fingers.

No biggie. No use crying over some melted chocolate.

In case you were wondering: just like the original Girl Scouts’ version of this cookie, the homemade Thin Mint tastes even better after being stored in the freezer.

30 before 30: Thin Mints

For this piece of 30 before 30, I used the Thin Mint recipe posted on the Tastespotting blog, who got the recipe from Desserts by the Yard.

Next time I make these (oh yes, there will be a next time), I’m trying out the 101 Cookbooks version.

30 before 30: Thin Mints

More 30 before 30 posts coming soon: hamburgers/hamburger buns, macarons, chicken nuggets!


4 thoughts on “30 before 30: Thin Mints

  1. Hi Anna! I’m completely new to your blog, but I just wanted to pop in with a quick hello and I was a lucky recipient of your toffee cookies! They’re absolutely amazing, and I’m having to hide them from my fiance who keeps stealing one when I’m not looking =) I look forward to stopping by more often!

    • Awww, thanks Peggy! I’m so glad they arrived intact (sorry again for the un-exciting packaging!), and that you’re enjoying them so much! And I look forward to reading more of your blog as well. xoxox

  2. I am with Peggy. Oh my gosh, those cookies were INCREDIBLE! I use the word was because they are gone now… SOOOOOO good! So soft. Perfect texture, taste, everything! YUM!

    These too, look amazing. you are a brave girl for taking on Thin Mints!

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