Baked ranchero eggs with blistered jack cheese and lime crema

Baked ranchero eggs with blistered jack cheese and lime crema

From the “Breakfast” section: We had some friends over for brunch yesterday before the Farewell Futurama event for SF Sketchfest 2014 (which was awesome, by the way). I went back and forth over serving the cinnamon toast french toast vs. the baked ranchero eggs, and ultimately went for the savory option. I also made sour cream biscuits (highly recommended) and Jeffrey made bacon. All in all, a very tasty brunch. Deb notes in the recipe that 12 eggs might seem like a lot, but five people managed to eat all but one serving – so I wouldn’t worry about the serving size.

What worked: Everything about this recipe was easy and straightforward. I successfully used an immersion blender (since I don’t have a regular one) for the tomato sauce, and added more cheese, because why not. I wasn’t able to find crema mexicana at my local Whole Foods, but as Deb mentions, sour cream was just fine as a substitute. This recipe is pretty ideal for when you have guests coming over: the sauce and garnishes can be prepped in advance, and then you can easily do the rest as everyone arrives and is ready to eat. The homemade tortilla strips are an especially brilliant inclusion – super easy and super tasty.

What didn’t work: I was a little skeptical about the instructions for simmering the sauce before adding the eggs – the note said to only simmer until the sauce is slightly thickened. I worried that this would result in an overly soupy mixture, so I simmered the sauce for an extra 10 minutes or so, and I thought the texture of the sauce was perfect. The eggs were also slightly overcooked, but this was the fault of me and my annoyingly uneven electric stovetop.

Would I make it again?: Yes, especially when we have guests. And I think it would be just as good for a lunch or dinner dish.


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