I need a pickup and I don’t mean truck


I finally saw Brendan Benson – on September 10th at the Great American Music Hall. For kicks and to fuel some slow-burning curiosity (and since I’ve made peace with my lens residing permanently in the zoom-doesn’t-work camp), I rented a rather large lens and proceeded to take entirely too many photos. It was fun. I still have much to learn, but a rock show serving as your classroom is by no means an unpleasant concept.

Since referenced lens (that I originally bought used without knowing much about it) is not entirely usable, I’m researching new options. A natural choice appears to be the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8, if only because it seems to be a solid starter choice – and, well, it’s cheap, especially when compared to most other options.

In the aftermath of the Brendan Benson concert, I can’t seem to stop listening to “A Whole Lot Better” whenever it comes on my iPod. Another “desert island” artist, in the vault.