Spinach and bean stew with poached eggs

Spinach and bean stew with poached eggs

The most recent post on Smitten Kitchen is for Chard and White Bean Stew. I love Smitten Kitchen. I could spend days and days perusing her archives.

I made her stew last night, with a couple of adjustments. I used white kidney beans and black beans because those were the only ones I could find while shopping during my lunch hour at Trader Joe’s. And I used spinach instead of chard, also due to availability.

It came out pretty well. Not as thick as Deb’s appeared to be, but still pretty tasty. I froze the leftovers and am curious as to how they’ll taste in, say, a couple of weeks’ time.

The poached egg on top is courtesy of my newly-acquired poach pods, which make poaching eggs extraordinarily simple. I love them. And they look like cute little lily pads on your stovetop! Bonus!